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Offering Traverse City Deck Staining

For homeowners in Traverse City who are in search of a reliable deck staining company, Timeless Window Cleaning, LLC. has got your back.

Our team has been in the pressure washing business for a very long time, but we only started providing pressure washing in the Traverse City area back in 2018. Since then, we've made a name for ourselves as a premier pressure washing company delivering a wide variety of services. In addition to regular pressure washing packages like roof cleaning and house washing, we also think "outside the box" and provide other contractor services such as snow removal and even deck staining, which we discuss further below.

When you have guests over during the nicer seasons, you'll want to entertain them outside to take advantage of the nice weather. You'll need somewhere to gather, such as an outdoor living space like a deck. However, before you have guests over, you'll need to make sure that your deck looks warm, welcoming, and accommodating. That's where we come in.

As part of our deck staining process, we'll first take care to carefully wash the deck of all dirt and grime. This ensures that we have a clean canvas to work on. After we've removed all the nastiness, we move on to the actual staining. No matter how old or grimey your deck looks now, a good staining can reinvigorate it and make it look as good as new.

Once we've finished staining, you won't be able to go on the deck right away as it dries. However, once that's all done, you'll be able to admire the newly-stained deck up close.


Soft Washing Can Make Your Deck Look Great

When we stain your deck, we also make sure we properly clean it of all grime and dirt as well. One of the methods we use to achieve this is with our soft washing methods.

Soft washing, also known as low pressure or no pressure washing washing, is when we turn down the water pressure on our machines in order to clean more delicate areas. We also add special soaps into the mix, creating a potent solution that effectively scrubs away accumulated grime and gunk from sensitive areas. We typically use soft washing for places like shingles and vinyl siding, but we may employ it on your deck to remove certain growths like fungus or moss.

Don't worry. The soaps we use are completely non-toxic and safe for you, your home, your property, and the environment.

If you'd like to learn more about our deck cleaning or deck staining process, we advise you to reach out to Timeless Window Cleaning, LLC. today. We have dedicated and knowledgeable associates standing by to take your call and to address any concerns you may have.

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